This page contains a list of my favourite characters. This page will be updated regularly.

Vernon Tomlin


An incredibly talented drummer, a serial hit maker and most importantly, a great guy. His time on the street was cut short far too early but his sound will live in our hearts forever.

Brian Packam


Brian Packam, a man of great intelligence and a passion for learning. Respected by his peers and adorned by those of whom he thrust his greatness upon. An old romantic, he was a fool to love. Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, this lead to numerous tricky situations, but ultimately, won him the heart of the one he loved most.

Councillor Sally Metcalfe


Dedicated worker, wonderful mother and astute political powerhouse, Sally has being gracing our screen for many a year. Great one liners and a taste for the finer things in life, ar’ Sally is a Corrie giant.

Pat Phelan


Pat Phelan is a man of many talents. He is a master tradesman, a highly successful businessman and a connoisseur of fine wine and continental cheese. Often misunderstood and never far from bother, Pat is a formidable force never to be reckoned with.

Jim McDonald


There are hard men and then there is Jim. Jim, also known as The Landlord is the embodiment of the fighting Irish. He has a list of convictions as long as my arm and he loves a ruck, but his only real love is Elizabeth, whom he would do anything for. An old romantic in a gladiators armor.